In this gallery you will find some of my favourite images that I have taken over the years. They would look great on yours or somebody else's wall. You will also find some others such as photos from the Port Fairy Folk Festival that I have taken from both the construction and the festival. Also if you would like to purchase any of the photos in my galleries please just send me an email at naming the particular photo and we will get it sorted out. Thank You

The Crags.
The Duyfken.

The Duyfken (Little Dove), a 1606 replica of the dutch sailing ship that put Australia on the map 400 years ago sits in the sea...

The Black Swan.

A black swan grooming itself.

The Walking Pelican.

A photo of a walking pelican at low tide on Port Fairy's Moynr River. Port Fairy is located in South West Victoria, Australia.

The Twelve Apostles.

The Twelve Apostles near Port Campbell in souwest Victoria, Australia.

The Cobbler.

A cobbler at work in Damascus, Syria. I sat with him for some time before taking my camera out of it's bag to take this picture...

Whale Tail.

The whale tale about the whale tail features in my blog.